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Spicing Up a Classic

I know there are a lot of people who would prefer a root canal over adding push-ups to their training routine, but there’s no denying that this classic move isn’t just a fad. The push-up is here to stay, so embrace it! Personally, I have a love-hate relationship with push-ups. I hate them in the moment, but I love how one, simple move can do so many things. In fact, if I’ve completed a few training sessions without some form of push-up, I actually (GASP) miss them. Read More →

Right to the Core

When we hear the term core, many of us immediately conjure up visions of flat stomachs and washboard abs. It’s true that the abdominal muscles do play an important role in building our core, but there are actually other factors to consider. Your core isn’t just what you see in the front. Your core is also comprised of the Erector Spinae (muscles that make up your back) and your Glutes. Read More →

Surviving the Sweet Tooth

I admit I have a Pinterest account. In fact, I LOVE my Pinterest account!! There. I said it. To be perfectly honest, I haven’t found time to try all of the healthy recipes I pin, and sometimes the ones I do try aren’t as wonderful as I had imagined. The ones that do work, make all of the trial and error worth the effort.  Read More →

Make Gains Without Moving a Muscle

There are many ways to vary your routine and keep things fresh. Isometric exercises are an example of this. An isometric exercise produces a static contraction; that is, the muscle is exposed to a constant tension, without movement. A constant state of maximum force is being applied. Who knew standing still could be so strenuous?!? Read More →

shoulder supersets

I Heart Supersets

Supersets have been gaining popularity over the years and I can certainly understand why. We’re all working toward finding balance in an over-stimulated, over-scheduled, who has time to smell the dang roses, kind of world. Supersets are an effective and efficient way to shape your body. Read More →

The Grocery Game

I will never claim to have “perfect” eating habits. I love food, and I’m working on controlling my sweet tooth by eliminating sugar additives where possible. That said my family does try to eat clean. This means avoiding unnecessary sugars, unnecessary preservatives and chemical additives. It is amazing where you can find sugar when you actually spend time looking for it. I once found added sugar in a can of kidney beans. I planned on rinsing them and using them in a chili, and have no idea what purpose the additional sugar would serve (other than to feed our addiction for the sweet stuff). By checking labels, I was able to find another brand close by with no additional sugar. Sneaky, right?

I’ve included a picture of today’s grocery order. This is a pretty classic representation of what I would buy on a regular basis. My husband and I have spent time over the years transforming our view of food. Today, we see it more as fuel for our bodies and want to make the best choices to help maintain our health. It does take discipline and I will admit my husband is stronger willed than I am, but I try each day to find balance. Having an occasional treat isn’t the end of the world; just make sure it’s not part of your everyday routine.

Since nutrition plays such a pivotal role in our health, I wanted to share some tips that work for me. Read More →

bulgarian split squat

Bulgarian Split Squat

One of my favourite leg day moves is the Bulgarian Split Squat. In this exercise, the back leg is elevated; You can use a bench, chair, or even an exercise ball if you want to add an additional challenge to the stabilizing muscles.

Keep your upper body straight, shoulders back, and chest up. Be sure to allow a slight bend in the front knee (keeping the knee “soft”). Prop top foot of back leg onto elevated surface of choice. Once in position, slowly lower your upper body and bring the back knee close to the ground. Listen to your body and stay within a range of motion that works for you. The more you do this exercise, the more comfortable you’ll feel.

Beginners can do this move while using a side wall for balance. For more challenging variations, place a dumbbell in each hand, arms extended down by your side, palms facing one another. Still looking for more? Try the addition of plyometrics and “jump” front leg back up to starting position. Remember to keep that front knee soft, particularly on landing.

Targets: quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes