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Pumpkin Spice Muffins

October and November bring with it the resurgence of PUMPKINS! At Halloween we carve them and Thanksgiving wouldn’t seem complete without some form of pumpkin spice goody. If you’re looking for a healthier twist on a pumpkin sweet, look no further! Read More →

Incline Bicep Curl with Isometric Abdominal Hold

Today was a home workout day. I used this exercise in a portion of my routine and thought it would be a good one to share. I love using my time as efficiently as possible and sometimes multi-tasking in a workout is a great way to achieve this.

I combined an incline bicep curl with an isometric abdominal hold to target multiple areas at once. A simple change in the angle of your body can provide enough alteration to hit the targeted muscle in a new way. The incline allows for more resistance to be placed on the biceps brachii, which is the largest and most visible part of your biceps. And while we’re doing that, we may as well throw a little core work in, right? Read More →

Date and Honey Glazed Chicken Thighs

This is a very simple and delicious recipe by celebrity kosher chef, Jamie Geller. Tried, tested and approved by Sherri Trains. My daughter commented it was “too sweet”…..Seriously!?! What kid complains that something is TOO SWEET!?! She ate every bite. Her comment may have been more about a tired five year old attempting to exert some power, and less about the recipe itself. If you find it’s too sweet for your palate, you could consider reducing the amount of honey and/or dates in the glaze. Check out Jamie’s site for other great options as well.

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Fit Ball Plank with Side Tap

Planks are a fantastic training tool to increase strength and really target your core. There are so many variations of a plank (have you read my post about Stationary Saw Planks?), but it is essential that you feel confident in your ability with a Basic Front Plank before moving on to more difficult modifications. Read More →

Mocha Protein Shake

I have a weakness for Starbucks Frappuccinos. Yes, it’s true. There is nothing healthy about it, and I needed to find a more productive way to consume my calories. This Mocha Protein Shake not only satisfied my craving, but it’s a great post workout drink when you need protein on the go. Strength training breaks down muscle and the consumption of protein post-workout,  assists in rebuilding this muscle even stronger. Cardio enthusiasts should be aware that protein also helps your body adapt to endurance sports as well! Read More →

Staggered Squat with Side Leg Lift

It ‘s not uncommon for us to see strength training exercises that focus on front-to-back movement (squats, lunges, etc.). Functional strength, however, also requires our bodies to move from side-to-side. Muscles that enable this side-to-side movement are often neglected but certainly no less important. Read More →