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Dive Bombers – Bodyweight exercise

This is a deceptively challenging exercise that targets your back, chest, shoulders, triceps and works to increase flexibility in your hamstrings. Admittedly, it can feel awkward in the initial trials, but I promise you it is well worth the patience and practice getting yourself comfortable with the movement. Keep at it, and you will feel the potential for strength gains when adding this move to your fitness routine. I like to superset this with other shoulder exercises to really burn out the shoulders. Read More →

Weighted Crunch

If you’re looking for an uncomplicated way to hit the abdominals with minimal equipment, this is a good one to add to your collection. It can be done both at the gym or at home. In the example below, I’m using a 10lbs dumbbell. This exercise can be modified to use no weight or more weight. Read More →

Wanted: Recruiting All Muscle Fibers!

Did you know that genetics play a role in determining what percentage of slow and fast twitch muscle fibers we have? Slow twitch (Type 1) fire more slowly and hold a generous blood supply. This allows a greater amount of oxygen into these fibers, which enables them to hold a steady paced twitch for a longer duration of time. With a greater percentage of slower twitch muscle fibers, an athlete can exhibit superior endurance while performing activities. Slow twitch muscle fibers would be evident in (for example) a long-distance runner. Read More →