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Lateral Jump Into Squat

I enjoy this move¬†because it combines a classic exercise (squat) that effectively targets the entire lower body, with the lateral movement we often forget to include in our regular routines, and¬†plyometrics (explosive movement) that gets the heart pumping and challenges our aerobic capabilities. Read More →

Inverted Shoulder Press

Are you looking for new ways to hit your shoulders? Are you ready for a challenging move, but not quite willing to go completely vertical for those handstand push ups? The Inverted Shoulder Press is an intermediate bodyweight move that can assist in taking you to the next level. As with any exercise, you should always consult with your physician before beginning a new training plan. People with previous shoulder injuries or who are new to training should most definitely receive clearance from their doctor before adding this exercise to their routine. Read More →

Standing Bent Over Dumbbell Row – Back Attack

The Bent Over Row can be performed with resistance bands, dumbbells or a barbell. When using dumbbells, you can choose to work one side at a time while resting opposite hand and knee on a bench for support, or you can perform this exercise lifting both arms at once while standing. There are also many variations to the angle at which you place your upper body, the angle of your grip, the width of your grip and the location you choose to pull your weight toward. Read More →

Understanding Food as Fuel

I need to begin by saying I am not a doctor or even a nutritionist. The following information is simply my opinions based on my personal studies of fitness and health. These are the guidelines I have been working with, and techniques I feel have assisted with my own journey. There are certain diets that abstain from carbohydrates for medical reasons, and these recommendations are obviously not best suited for all individuals. Read More →