Inverted Shoulder Press

Are you looking for new ways to hit your shoulders? Are you ready for a challenging move, but not quite willing to go completely vertical for those handstand push ups? The Inverted Shoulder Press is an intermediate bodyweight move that can assist in taking you to the next level. As with any exercise, you should always consult with your physician before beginning a new training plan. People with previous shoulder injuries or who are new to training should most definitely receive clearance from their doctor before adding this exercise to their routine.

Inverted Shoulder Press

To begin, get into an elevated push up position by placing your feet on a raised and stable surface. (At the gym you can try using a bench or step and risers. At home, you can use stairs (as shown) or a chair pressed back into a wall for additional support)

With straight arms and straight legs, lift your hips into the air and bend your upper torso so your head points down toward the ground. Adjust your arms  (walk your hands in if necessary) so they allow your upper torso to stand relatively horizontal and minimize any angle. Using the picture below as an example, if my hands were placed further out in front (away from the bottom step), I would be hitting more of my chest muscles and less emphasis would be placed on the shoulders.

IMG_4335 (640x483)

Using a slow and controlled movement, bend your elbows and bring your head closer to the ground.

IMG_4340 (640x480)

Once at the bottom of the movement, press back up into straight arms to complete one rep. Try for three sets of however many reps you feel comfortable completing with good form. Form first!

IMG_4337 (640x477)     IMG_4335 (640x483)


Train hard, train safe and have fun!

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