Renegade Rows – Upper Body and Core Specific

If you’re comfortable holding plank position and want to add an additional challenge, the Renegade Row might be a good exercise for you. A Renegade Row targets the upper body while continuously keeping the core engaged. You can begin with lighter weight and a wider stance for more stability. You can increase the intensity of this move and provide greater recruitment of your core by narrowing your stance to create more instability. Feel free to increase the weight you use as long as form remains a constant.

Renegade Row

Begin in a plank position with hands on weight and placed roughly shoulder width (or slightly inside shoulder width) apart.

IMG_5149 (640x417)

While pushing one weight into the ground, lift the other weight up by driving your elbow back and pulling the weight in toward your armpit.

IMG_5152 (640x445)

Return weight to starting position, and alternate arms.

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Try to keep shoulders as squared to the ground as possible to limit rotation of the upper body. Honestly, I’m still working on limiting my rotation. It’s a process for everyone!


Remember to keep your plank position strong. Engage your core and don’t let the hips drop, or the butt raise.

Remember that a wider stance with your feet will provide more stability when starting out.

To increase the intensity placed on your core, narrow your stance.

If you are comfortable performing the row, feel free to add a push up after you have performed a row with each arm.

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Train hard, train safe and have fun!

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