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Fit Ball Glute Curl

If you’re looking for another way to target those glutes, look no further. Our glutes are considered a part of our core and strengthening the core contributes to a strong foundation for which to build on all of our strength training goals. Not only will this simple exercise hit the glutes, but you’ll also target the often neglected¬†hamstrings. When leg day rolls around we often focus on the more visible muscles in the front (the quads), but strong hamstrings are a key contributor to knee stability. They also assist in stabilizing the hips and help to keep the spine in good alignment. Read More →

BOSU Star for Lower Back/Core

This exercise is a¬†slight twist on the more traditional Superman. The BOSU provides a level of instability that forces you to engage your core on a deeper level. It may seem awkward at first while you work on your form and secure your balance, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be happy to have this as an addition to your lower back strengthening sessions. Read More →