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90 Degree Wall Split for Inner Thighs

I feel like I have strong legs. They’re not long, lean, runway model legs…but I’ve always thought they were pretty strong. And I love them for their strength. They’ve served me well throughout my competitive soccer days, and into the “chasing a six year old around” days. That said, I’m always brought back to reality when I decide to add inner thigh exercises to my routine. Oh yes. The inner thigh wants attention too, and when I work this area I am reminded that perhaps I have neglected it for too long. Read More →

Single Leg Chair Squat

This is a great, unilateral, lower body move. A unilateral exercise is a move that focuses on one side of the body at a time. This is a great training tool when you want to ensure that the stronger side isn’t compensating for the weaker side. You can build strength exactly where you need to.

The Single Leg Chair Squat not only works the obvious larger muscles (glutes, quads, hamstrings) but it also recruits many smaller, stabilizing muscles while engaging your core and working on balance. Here’s how to perform it: Read More →