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Unilateral Squat

It’s very common to have imbalances within our body. One leg is stronger than the other. One arm has more flexibility, or a greater range of motion than the other. This is when unilateral exercises become an important part of our training routines. Working one side of the body at a time, allows the weaker side to gain strength without the stronger side providing any compensation. Read More →

Fit Ball Wall Crunch

If you follow my web site, you know I’m a fan of angles. The same exercise can be approached from various angles and hit the muscle in new ways. I added this as a superset to the more standard Fit Ball Crunch that places feet on ground (TIP: when doing standard Fit Ball Crunch, balance on your heels and point toes toward the ceiling. It decreases stability and forces greater contraction of the core). Read More →

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Cheap Abilify

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