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Mountain Climbers – Full Body

I might not be talking about Everest here, but there’s no denying that Mountain Climbers are an amazing full body move to toss in the mix. Use them as a warm up, or superset them with another exercise. Either way, I can’t complete a set of these without feeling some gains the next day. Read More →

Lateral Jump Into Squat

I enjoy this move because it combines a classic exercise (squat) that effectively targets the entire lower body, with the lateral movement we often forget to include in our regular routines, and plyometrics (explosive movement) that gets the heart pumping and challenges our aerobic capabilities. Read More →

Wanted: Recruiting All Muscle Fibers!

Did you know that genetics play a role in determining what percentage of slow and fast twitch muscle fibers we have? Slow twitch (Type 1) fire more slowly and hold a generous blood supply. This allows a greater amount of oxygen into these fibers, which enables them to hold a steady paced twitch for a longer duration of time. With a greater percentage of slower twitch muscle fibers, an athlete can exhibit superior endurance while performing activities. Slow twitch muscle fibers would be evident in (for example) a long-distance runner. Read More →