In January of 2017, I was on vacation in Fort Myers beach.  I have Parkinson’s and regular exercise is a necessity.  My wife registered for Body Sculpt and Aerobics classes at Bay Oaks Recreation Center in Fort Myers.  Sherri Kendrick is the instructor.  My wife asked Sherri if she would consider training me. Sherri said she had never worked with anyone who had Parkinson’s.  She said she would research possible ways she could help me.

I met with Sherri a few days later for my first training session.  I was surprised to see she had written notes, an actual plan, designed for me.  Sherri asked me questions about my fitness goals and any areas of concern I might have.  She took notes as I went through my first workout. She was so supportive and friendly that I instantly relaxed. She modeled every exercise before having me try any of them. She encouraged me to do my best. She carefully pointed out how I could improve my form and constantly praised my efforts.  I gained confidence quickly and found myself trying to meet or exceed the goal set for each exercise.

I found myself doing better than I had at my gym back home.  Believe it or not, I looked forward to each training session.  After each session I left knowing and feeling that I had improved upon some aspect of my workout. I attribute this to Sherri’s constant guidance and motivational demeanor. She is the consummate professional who seeks to offer only the best to her clients.  Sherri even went the extra mile and typed up her notes on my workouts so I could take them to my trainer back in Delaware.

I hope to work with Sherri again next January when I return to Fort Myers Beach. If you are looking for an outstanding trainer, I highly recommend Sherri.


Chuck D. – age 70

Personal Training

I have been taking Sherri’s Body Sculpting Class for two months. I have always been involved in some kind of workout, but my activities had become restricted due to knee and back problems and a fused neck. I didn’t think I’d ever be able to do weights again, however, Sherri’s enthusiasm and professionalism was very motivating. Not only has my overall body strength improved but I also have less aching in my knees, back and shoulders! I recommend Sherri’s class to anyone who wants to take control of their body again!

Shirley H.
63 – Retired Dental Hygenist

Body Sculpt Class

I spent the past year trying — in fits and starts — to get myself in better shape. The pattern went something like this: I would get going with a burst of energy and start to make some good progress. Then, inevitably, something would happen — the kids got sick, I got sick, I got busy during the holidays, the weather was either too hot or too cold — and I got off track. Each time I repeated this pattern I lost some enthusiasm, most of my motivation, and nearly all of the physical results of my hard work. I had just about given up. Then I met Sherri and it all changed.

Before Sherri I had never worked with a personal trainer or even seriously considered it as an option. Mainly because it seemed too awkward, too intimidating, and way too intense for me.

Training with Sherri is like working out with a friend. A friend who wants you to look and, most importantly, feel your best and will support you every step of the way. She will challenge you and encourage you. She will push you and, as a result, you will push yourself in a way that maybe you haven’t before.

What impressed me the most about working with Sherri is the amount of time and effort she put into planning my overall program and each session we had. She really listened to me and helped me work toward the goals I wanted to achieve.

I can’t recommend Sherri enough. If you’re even considering working with a trainer to get in better shape, give her a call today.

Andrea C.

Personal Training

The time and dedication that Sherri invests into the programs for her clients is beyond expectation. From the first day we discussed developing a remote training program she has provided more service and expertise than I could have imagined.  From 1500 miles away Sherri’s knowledge of how to help her clients meet their goals comes through as though she’s standing with you at the gym.  Through our first telephone conversation Sherri made me feel confident that I could meet and exceed my goals and I could hear the drive, passion for her work, and commitment to my personal needs in her voice.  Sherri has given hours of time to complete my detailed monthly plan given the equipment and space available to me, she listens and adapts if necessary should a problem be encountered, she responds to any questions promptly, and provides amazing positive reinforcement that motivates me to push myself each week.  Her weekly check-ins and updates allow for increased challenge, continued results, and instills a love of strength training in her clients that one would think impossible from a distance.  Sherri also understands when life gets in the way of a workout or two, but is there to encourage and help refocus on the plan.  Seeing results through Sherri’s programs in only 3 months of training has meant the world to me. I’ve lost inches and feel excited and motivated each night to follow through.  Her in-depth training plans, expertise in her field, commitment to individual goals, drive to see her client’s succeed, and personal and friendly approach, when combined, are the perfect storm for anyone wanting to improve their health, increase strength, shape and tone, and develop a love of training.  Thank you, Sherri!

Angie V.

Remote Training

Prior to hiring Sherri, I generally understood what I needed to do to become healthier and increase my level of fitness, but I could never fully execute on any plans I initiated on my own. Despite Sherri not being in the same city as I was, I knew she had a lifelong commitment to healthy living, and after viewing the great information she had on her Sherri Trains blogs, I took the plunge and asked if she would consider taking me on.

Sherri spends a significant amount of time researching and understanding what my goals are and creates customized and continually changing fitness plans to help me get there. I’m amazed that her programs allow me to do what I couldn’t on my own – make physical fitness a habit, hold me accountable for my goals, and most importantly, motivate me to keep challenging myself. Somehow she has this innate ability to be miles away from me, yet make me feel like she’s right by my side, coaching me to achieve my goals. I’d recommend Sherri to anyone considering a remote personal trainer.

Stefanie W.

Remote Training

Sherri has been a great inspiration for me. She has encouraged me to reach goals I didn’t think I was capable of. She has also been  an awesome motivation with the many amazing workouts she has put together for me. Because of this, she has transformed my body back into a place where I now feel confident again. Thank you for believing in me and for all of your hard work! You’re the best!

Amy C.

Personal Training

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